Why is it better to host my servers nearby?

Server Room Every byte of information found online is physically hosted somewhere in the world. It could be in the basement of a startup company or in a data center overseas. No matter how big your business is, your physical machines must be stored somewhere and the right geographical location for your servers depends on many different factors.

Benefits of Hosting Servers in a Local Offsite Facility

When it comes to choosing a location for IT hardware, there is a delicate balance between having servers close enough to ensure quality and cut travel costs, but also far enough that owners don’t have to waste focus and resources on maintaining their servers. In the past, budget constraints forced business owners to choose between in-house or overseas hosting. Today, more and more companies are reaping the benefits of “local offsites” that offer hosting as well as IT services.

There are many benefits of hosting your servers close to home with us, including:

  • Lower overhead. Hosting servers onsite is an expensive endeavor, especially in locations that are not designed to handle excess heat or electrical load. Hosting servers requires expensive and well-planned facilities made just for that. To ensure the environment is safe for the servers, constant maintenance is necessary to monitor temperatures and levels of humidity. Local hosting solutions can free up floor space at your business location, lowering your rent, power, and cooling costs.
  • Security. Our secured DC-area data centers offer rooms and cages with multi-layer security including biometrics, 24-hour surveillance and environment monitoring, and virtual hosting to take the burdens of security and IT services off of your employees.
  • Disaster recovery. It may be difficult to explain to your customers that online operations in your US-based company has been interrupted due to a natural disaster thousands of miles away. Peace of mind is almost guaranteed knowing that at any moment, if necessary, you could access your rack space as opposed to overseas hosting. In addition to taking precautions against common outage risks, we offer a temporary work space for up to 50 employees at our data center location if your main business location suffers an adverse event.

We Host Northern Virginia Businesses Servers

The data specialists at ATI Solutions would be happy to consult with business owners about the services we offer. Contact us today to get more information about the storage and service options in our D.C. data centers, or set up an appointment to tour our Chantilly facility.