How and Why to Choose Cloud Computing That Works for Your Business

We Tailor Our Cloud Computing Services to Meet Your NeedsBusiness owners know that it is just as important to protect their data as it is to deliver that data safely and effectively to users around the world. Unfortunately, offering instant access to information through proprietary infrastructure adds an extra layer of operational complexity, and can significantly increase the cost of administrative overhead.

Businesses are turning to cloud computing providers to serve their customers without taking on the burden of cloud servicing and maintenance. If you are ready to implement or upgrade your enterprise cloud strategy, we have a few tips on how to select cloud computing options that will allow you to maximize efficiency without sacrificing control.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Cloud Computing Service

Cloud computing has been revolutionary in bringing file saving and sharing to a versatile workforce, with nearly all businesses relying on clouds to deliver information to customers. As a result, a cloud computing service must go well beyond storage and accessibility. A reliable cloud provider should be able to securely and quickly adapt to your changing needs.

When choosing a cloud computing provider, it is vital to consider:

  • Flexibility. Your provider should be able to respond quickly to the success of your business, scaling your infrastructure as you grow.
  • Performance. Your provider should service all of your virtual desktops, including critical applications and development operation environments.
  • Protection. Your provider should have a proactive support team to protect against and circumvent potential security threats to private and public clouds.
  • Recovery. Your provider should be able to keep key virtual machines (VM) protected and running with backups and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Continuity. Your cloud computing entity should run seamlessly with your servers and data center provider to prevent operational delays.

Our Cloud Computing Services Are Tailored to Meet Your Needs

In addition to offering a variety of hardware solutions in our data centers, ATI Solutions partners with a variety of vendors to deliver cloud computing software solutions to companies of all sizes. Our integrated systems give our clients access to invisible infrastructure, storage, and virtualization services in a single turnkey solution.

Unlike many “one size fits all” providers, we understand that our customers’ infrastructure needs vary widely depending on their industry, clients, and scale of operations. That is why we offer three different cloud platform options, each with scalable technology to power mission-critical workloads:

  • Virtual Private Cloud. A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is an option for clients who want to control the main operations of their servers and equipment. The client is able to keep servers in a location of their own choosing, while we provide the platform necessary to securely connect those servers to the cloud, allowing hardware and software to run as a single private network.
  • Hybrid Infrastructure. Hybrid infrastructures allow some services to be hosted by ATI and some to be hosted on the client’s own equipment. Hybrid operations are ideal for organizations looking to make some portions of operations accessible to employees—such as training programs or staff management solutions—or customers via the cloud. Depending on the needs of the client, hybrid infrastructure may involve a combination of private clouds, public clouds, hosting in our data centers, and hosting on the client’s offsite servers.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). ATI’s IaaS plan allows clients to enjoy top-level cloud-based infrastructure while avoiding the complexity and cost of managing physical servers. We implement the software systems, power the core of your business operations, and provide IT services to keep your company up and running around the clock.

By combining hardware and software processes, we give our clients the same operational foundations as a Fortune 100 company at a fraction of the cost. Our DC-area data service professionals can work with you to help determine which infrastructure plan is ideal for your business. Let us provide all the power, connectivity, protection, and security you need in a location that is close to home. Contact us today to get more information about how we can serve your needs or set up an appointment to tour our Chantilly facility.