Which operating system should I use to run virtual machines?

Client Comparing Operating Systems for His Virtual MachinesVirtual machines offer a variety of benefits to business IT systems, including the ability to consolidate servers, invest in fewer physical machines, and isolate machines to prevent security breaches. However, since virtual machines are run as programs, you will have to choose which operating system (OS) is best for your platform.

How to Choose the Right Operating System for Your Virtual Machines

Once you have set up a host machine and a host operating system, you can run nearly any OS of your choosing in a virtual machine. The majority of virtual machine programs will walk you through the process of creating a virtual machine and installing a guest OS using the operating system’s installation disc. The guest OS appears in a window on your computer using the emulation engine (hypervisor), running as if it’s just another program.

Depending on software compatibility, processing power, and the amount of storage you have available, you can install as many OS as you want, allowing you to:

  • Test operating systems. A VM is ideal for testing out programs before adding them to your platforms, including potential new operating systems, like Windows or Linux. You can also test out new versions of operating systems before you upgrade your OS system-wide. Additionally, you can even see how your software appears across different operating systems, testing whether an application works for all users and or clients.
  • Train employees. If you are rolling out a new system, you can install programs on VMs to ensure all of the software works together and create a training space for employees to learn the programs and get used to the interface either before launch or without affecting anything in production.
  • Use multiple systems. It is possible to install and use a wide variety of operating systems as VMs, allowing you to select the OS that works best with each of your chosen software programs. You can even run multiples of the same OS and have them all performing task and processes simultaneously to maximize efficiency with little impact on one another.

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