Is it Time to Transition Your Business to a Hosted Computing Platform? We Offer Multiple Cloud Computing Solutions


Benefits of Cloud Computing

If you’re not already doing at least some of your computing or storage on the cloud, you probably should be. The benefits for growth, performance, and access cannot be matched by a site-based system. Transitioning to our hosted computing platform will allow your business to do the following:

  • Respond quickly to growth. Start small and linearly scale your IT infrastructure in minutes, enabling you to pay as you grow and as your needs change. Say good-bye to the scalability shortcomings of traditional servers and storage.
  • Deliver performance for all. Service all of your virtual desktops, critical applications, and development operation environments on one platform with excellent virtual machine (VM) performance using both local and remote flash as needed.
  • Improve availability. Meet service-level agreements by keeping key VMs protected and running with backups and disaster recovery. You can also offer non-disruptive upgrades.
  • Reduce operational complexity. Support on-demand provisioning of VMs using API integration with cloud orchestration solutions and reduce administrative overhead by hundreds of hours per year using intuitive, consumer-grade management, VM-centric operations, and unprecedented insight into infrastructure performance.

Choose the Plan That Works for You

ATI offers three options when it comes to the cloud platform, because we realize that one size does not fit all. We will take a look at your needs and help you determine which of the following cloud computingCloud Computing Services Near Washington DC plans is ideal for you:

  • Hosted Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Our top-level plan, this consists of computing and data storage services in one or more of our facilities.
  • Hybrid Infrastructure. With this plan, part of the infrastructure will be hosted by us and part of it will be on your own equipment.
  • Private cloud. If you want to keep everything onsite, you may choose this plan. You own and operate the equipment at a site of your choosing, but we provide the cloud platform.

Be Successful With the Right Partner

ATI’s world-class services and proactive support will help you reduce your time to production and allow you to operate at peak efficiency. The technology we use is based on tried-and-true solutions by Google, Yahoo, and others like them, namely web-scale and hyper-convergence. ATI has partnered with multiple hyperconverged service providers to power our cloud solutions, giving our clients the same power and infrastructure as a Fortune 100 company at a fraction of the cost.