Benefits of 2N Redundancy For Power and Cooling in Our Virginia Data Center

2N Redundancy Data Center OptionsService interruptions can cause significant losses for a business’s profits, customer base, and reputation. ATI has implemented a variety of fail-safes in our data centers to prevent sudden power outages caused by utility interruptions and equipment failure, including full redundancy for the benefit of customers, their staff, and their clients.

2N Redundancy Options and Benefits for Our Customers

Customers in our Chantilly data facility enjoy the benefits of two complete modules and paths for every one required for normal operation. Power and cooling systems are not interconnected nor dependent on one another, and failure of one entire system will not cause any disruption to the other. Since failure of two independent systems is extremely unlikely, our customers have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their servers and equipment have uninterrupted availability.

Our Virginia location offers 2N redundancy for:

  • Power. Power is a critical component for keeping your operations up and running. Not only does a power outage render your equipment useless, a sudden surge can corrupt servers and require the replacement of your hardware, software re-installation, or other costly intervention. ATI provides a 2N system for each potential point of failure, including main underground-networked dedicated utility feeds with a 2-megawatt dedicated transformer for the main power source, redundant diesel backup generators, redundant UPS systems, redundant power distribution units (PDUs), and redundant battery cabinets to prevent downtime.
  • Cooling. Inadequate cooling can lead to heat and fire losses, creating downtime from inside out. ATI’s Chantilly location includes industry-leading redundant chiller plants, 2N redundant units with built-in CRAHs, and hot aisle containment systems for high-density accommodations.
  • Connectivity. ATI’s servers have been configured to switch mission-critical operations to secure alternative servers if an interruption is detected, allowing your operations to transition smoothly to alternate hosting without any noticeable disruption. Our facilities are carrier-neutral, and our ISPs enter our facilities through diverse routes, allowing customers to set up alternate user accounts between and across many different carriers for redundancy and data loss protection. ATI customers can select their own redundancy configurations, including the implementation of an alternative carrier(s) switch to provide support for vital systems without interruption if an Internet connection or service fails. A secondary provider can also provide interconnectivity between accounts to transfer and backup files continuously, reducing the risk and extent of data loss.

Our Data Centers Power And Cooling Technology Ensures Your Business Stays Online

ATI Solutions offers a wide variety of information technology services, and our professionals can evaluate your needs and help you determine which options are right for you. Contact us today to get more information about how our data centers can serve your needs or set up an appointment to tour our Chantilly facility.