Software as a Service (SaaS) Provides The Exact IT Solutions Your Business Needs.

Software as a Service (SaaS)This service is geared towards those who want to take advantage of cloud computing and not only use storage, but enjoy the same principal with the virtualization platform. In this case, the customer does not have to invest in the virtual environment. The customer’s capital investment is reduced drastically since the usage of CPU and memory will be such that they will pay only as necessary. Under this platform, ATI offers Microsoft’s Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) making it easy to maintain license count and becomes pay-as-you-go without considering the cost of upgrades which are very frequent in Microsoft’s world.

The following are the benefits of subscribing to SPLA licensing:

  • Fixed predictable cost per user.
  • Eliminated capital expense with software assurance.
  • Reduced cost if the number of users is reduced.
  • Ability to upgrade to new versions without incurring any additional cost for software.
  • Ease of license management protects customer from potential legal encounters with Microsoft.

Benefits of Cloud Computing 

If you’re not already doing at least some of your computing or storage on the cloud, you probably should be. The benefits for growth, performance, and access cannot be matched by a site-based system. Transitioning to our hosted computing platform will allow your business to do the following:
  • Respond quickly to growth. Start small and linearly scale your IT infrastructure in minutes, enabling you to pay as you grow and as your needs change. Say good-bye to the scalability shortcomings of traditional servers and storage.
  • Deliver performance for all. Service all of your virtual desktops, critical applications, and development operation environments on one platform with excellent virtual machine (VM) performance using both local and remote flash as needed.
  • Improve availability. Meet service-level agreements by keeping key VMs protected and running with backups and disaster recovery. You can also offer non-disruptive upgrades.
  • Reduce operational complexity. Support on-demand provisioning of VMs using API integration with cloud orchestration solutions and reduce administrative overhead by hundreds of hours per year using intuitive, consumer-grade management, VM-centric operations, and unprecedented insight into infrastructure performance.

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