How ATI Performs Multi-System Integration With Other Services

IT Systems Integrations for Your Small BusinessThe advent of the internet has brought the development, as well as the expectation, of interconnectivity to a new level—making system integration vital to both the front and back ends of your operation. If your business relies on several disparate systems, such as a standalone secure emailing software or an equipment monitoring system, you are more prone to unnecessarily spend thousands of dollars on troubleshooting. When your business has an environment that isn’t designed to work together within itself, you are forcing yourself to encounter these complications, failures, and overall inefficiency.

IT Systems Integration for Small-to-Medium Businesses

ATI Solutions can structure all components of your IT network, whether physical or virtual, into a single streamlined system. This results in fewer headaches internally, allowing your employees to deliver a better experience to your customers—which in the end should be any company’s goal. Our systems integration involves improving efficiency and performance while driving down operational costs and delays. Ultimately, this increases value to the customer and the company together.

ATI provides comprehensive IT system integration through:

  • Consulting. Since there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for every type and size of business, our IT consulting services require examining existing work processes and software tools to determine the best methods of integration. Customers expect quick and reliable services; therefore, businesses who are using outdated systems or software products can’t survive in today’s marketplace.
  • Essential services. We can evaluate the cost and benefits of each component in your business environment (including security software, antivirus, business applications, system policies, encrypted email, etc.) to ensure that each service is appropriate for your needs before performing data integration.
  • Work-time efficiency. A good integration platform allows the translation of data from one file format’s “language” to another. This allows systems to pull data from one another and decrease time spent on rote tasks. We eliminate the need for rote data, consequently cutting down the risk of human error by allowing data to flow smoothly between systems.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS). Our SaaS customers have the full benefit of a virtual environment with our IT expertise at a fixed, affordable cost. We are well-known for providing platforms and services for banks and financial institutions, but our SaaS option is ideal for any businesses who require scalability and global access.
  • Systems updates. Once the system has been optimized, our technicians ensure it remains in peak operating condition. Our customers enjoy the benefits of automatic upgrades without additional software costs. For instance, through our Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA), along with our patch management services to deploy any necessary updates and bug fixes without compromising efficiency.

The data specialists at ATI Solutions would be happy to consult with business owners about the services offered in our data centers. Contact us today to get more information about the storage and service options in our D.C. data centers, or set up an appointment to tour our Chantilly facility.