Our Professional and Managed Services Can Mitigate the Effects of a DDoS Attack

Providing DDoS Attack SolutionsA distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack can affect nearly any layer of your network, significantly slow or entirely shut down your daily operations, and even open the door for greater cyber threats. Businesses and customers can suffer costly degradation of service during DDoS attacks, causing millions in damage to equipment, the business's public image, and customer business relations. While no business or software is immune to DDoS attacks, we offer a variety of options to reduce their likelihood and impact.

Prevention and Intervention Solutions for DDoS Attacks

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offers protection for clients who are at risk of DDoS attacks or those who simply want the highest level of protection from cyber threats. If a DRaaS client suffers a breach, the company’s vital data is backed up and all processes are temporarily moved to third-party servers and cloud resources. We also provide access to our Continuity of Operations (COOP) center if the attack has rendered the primary business location inoperable. Once the threat has been neutralized, business operations are migrated back to the original server.

Some of our additional DDoS mitigation services include:

  • Internet bandwidth and monitoring. As an ISP, ATI provides single-homed and multi-homed Internet bandwidth with up to class C IP range to clients at our data centers. Our partnership with industry leaders allows us to provide ongoing coverage for DDoS mitigation, and we have resources in place to monitor and even block abnormal traffic spikes that may signal a DDoS attack for faster recognition and reaction.
  • Rapid response. Our services clients rely on ATI’s help desk personnel at the first sign of an attack. We can quickly determine the source of the breach (poor coding, missing patches, or unstable systems) and execute a plan to bring the network back online. We also perform emergency and ad hoc services for clients experiencing a sudden breach of hardware or software, including business continuity, hardware inventory, and access to our managed services.
  • Patch management. Industry best patch management practices and proactive network monitoring are key to the prevention of DDoS attacks. Our comprehensive patch program includes services for Microsoft servers and workstations, covering all Microsoft releases as well as third-party software programs. Our team performs timely implementation of necessary and stable patches, tests new patches in a safe environment before deployment, determines whether a patch presents further security or functionality risk, and deploys emergency patches when a major vulnerability is identified. We also provide a monthly report to the customer informing them of the state of their environment—patched or not patched.

Contact Today For Mor Solutions To DDoS Attacks

At ATI, we protect our clients’ interests by staying ahead of the latest software releases, threat advisories, and technology reports, looking for known security issues that could affect our clients’ systems. Our clients rely on our dedicated information security practices, including performing ongoing security assessments to discover and resolve denial of service-related vulnerabilities. Contact us today to get more information on disaster recovery and about how our IT professionals or DC-area data centers can serve your needs, or set up an appointment to tour our Chantilly facility.