How ATI Protects With Redundant CRAHs in Our Data Centers

Redundant CRAHs in a Data Center Servers and hosting equipment requires an enormous amount of electrical power, most of which is transformed into waste heat. Without proper cooling and climate conditioning, the equipment in computer rooms can be placed at risk simply through the adverse temperature conditions generated by machinery. Our advanced computer room air handlers, or CRAH systems, involve chilled-water cooling and hot airflow paths to control heat output in our data centers, and have built-in redundancies to prevent interruptions and maintain crucial environmental stability at all times.

Benefits of Redundant CRAHs in Our DC Area Data Centers

ATI Solutions has built a strong reputation by providing hosting and IT services to DC area banks, educational services, and several small-to-medium businesses in other industries. Our two data centers offer all the power, connectivity, protection, security, personalized IT services, intervention, and innovation which you can get in a number of combinations while keeping close to home.

ATI’s CRAHs have redundancies set up to protect against:

  • Overheating. Our facilities offer a multi-stack chiller plant, redundant cooling units with built-in CRAHs, and hot aisle containment for high-density accommodation. We maintain optimal climate control with 2N redundancy for cooling and power in our Chantilly location and N+1 cooling and power in our Rockville location.
  • High humidity. Humidity can become a detrimental problem when the temperature either spikes or drops suddenly. We rely on structured hot-aisle containment and hot air removal to promote uninterrupted airflow through our data centers, reducing the likelihood of air mixing and moisture buildup. Our rack and row-based cooling methods allow predictable performance without the risk of moisture corrosion on contact points and hardware.
  • Static charges. Although high humidity is damaging to equipment, low humidity levels put equipment at risk of static charges, which can be equally as destructive. Our CRAH systems carefully monitor water vapor levels in the air to protect equipment from dangerous static electrical discharge while maintaining proper humidity levels at the IT equipment air intake.
  • Fire and smoke damage. ATI’s facilities have a multi-zone configuration for fire detection and suppression, with smoke and heat detection systems installed in floors and subfloors. All of this technology combined with CRAH systems helps increase airflow through the racks and safely feed hot air back to a dedicated air intake for recirculation. These systems together provide maximum protection to prevent heat-related damage and loss due to fire.

Curious About How ATI Solutions Can Help?

If you are unsure whether your business needs a full-service hosting and IT plan or just want to see what ATI has to offer, our technical specialists can walk you through our professional and managed services. With our help, your operations can run at maximum efficiency with little to no risk of downtime—all while only charging you for the resources you actually use.

ATI Solutions has a variety of highly-customizable IT interventions and deployment options that can be scaled up or down according to your business’ needs. Contact us today to get more information about the storage and service options in our D.C. data centers, or set up an appointment to tour our Chantilly facility.