The Many Benefits and Options Included in Our Patch Management Services

Any time new software or operating systems are released, hackers start working to identify any vulnerabilities in the code that can be manipulated for their own ends. As technology advances, the methods used to exploit these vulnerabilities become much vaster and more precise—and failing to protect your business with the latest updates can be a costly and detrimental oversight.

Advantages of Our Patch Management Services

ATI provides patch management services for Microsoft servers and workstations, covering all Microsoft releases as well as third-party software programs. Our services allow you to devote your internal resources to the objectives and goals of your own company, as you can rest assured knowing that we are keeping your environment as safe and functional as possible.

When you entrust your patch management to us, a few of the things we will take care of for your company are:

  • Defend against attacks. No business or software is immune from cyberattacks, including ransomware, malware, identity theft, customer data theft, and electronic banking fraud. At ATI, we are able to deploy emergency patches to circumvent these threats, reducing your company’s disaster recovery costs.
  • Deploy and test patches. Many problems can occur during the deployment of a new patch; these pieces of code must be installed carefully to avoid loss of functionality. Our patch management team tests patches in a safe environment before deployment, only installing patches that do not present further security or functionality risks.
  • Perform timely implementation. Unfortunately, many security breaches occur because companies do not install patches soon after they are released, allowing hackers to take advantage of the flaw even after it has been identified. We deploy patches in a timely fashion, helping companies avoid a breach of their systems that lead to disruptions in service, customer lawsuits, and potential theft.
  • Decide when patches are necessary. Not all new releases and updates should be installed, as these could affect performance or contain more vulnerabilities than prior releases. In addition to knowing when new patches have been released, an IT professional must be able to break down and assess which ones are necessary and which ones might be harmful. Installing patches for obscure applications can needlessly soak up resources while having little or no impact on your system. We deploy only the patches that are necessary for your accessibility and network security.
  • Identify new patches and vulnerabilities. We stay ahead of the latest software releases and technology reports to watch for any known security issues that could affect our clients’ systems before they become a problem.
  • Prepare reports. Our patch program includes a monthly report informing the customer of the state of their environment, identifying any outstanding areas of vulnerability, and potential for patching. These reports offer comprehensive documentation of the security of the entire environment and are essential for many organizations with compliance requirements.

ATI Solutions is proud to offer a wide range of technical services for all sizes and types of business operations, allowing your IT processes to be as stress-free as possible. Our family-owned DC-area data centers offer all the power, connectivity, protection, and security you need in a location that is close to home. Contact us today to get more information about how our data centers can serve your needs or set up an appointment to tour our Chantilly facility.