The Benefits of Our Nutanix Hyper-Convergence Solutions

Nutanix Hyper-Convergence Infrastructure Multi-Cloud SystemsThe development of cloud computing opened up a whole new world for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to streamline their infrastructures while keeping costs low. Our trusted vendor Nutanix delivers hyper-convergence solutions in our data centers, allowing you to deploy new systems within minutes while paying only for the resources you need.

Nutanix Hyper-Convergence Infrastructure for Multi-Cloud Systems

Nutanix is a hyper-converged infrastructure pioneer, developing software and technology that has served as the building block for private clouds. Nutanix solutions are built on the industry’s most popular HCI technology, providing computing power, virtualization, storage, networking, and security to your online platform. Nutanix software can be implemented across different cloud environments and applications, delivering high-powered infrastructure at any scale.

ATI partners with Nutanix to provide a variety of benefits and services for businesses, including:

  • Multi-cloud architectures. Nutanix makes it easy for IT teams to build and operate powerful multi-cloud architectures. Its built-in OS software provides a single point of control to manage IT infrastructures across private, public, and distributed cloud operating environments at any scale.
  • Multi-hypervisor support. Nutanix products now support a variety of hyper-converged platforms, including Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM hypervisors and VMware vSphere. Nutanix's own KVM-based Acropolis hypervisor (AHV) is included with every one of its products, so customers that do not want to bear the burden of researching, testing, purchasing, and managing single or separate, often complex, hypervisors don’t have to.
  • Banking and financial infrastructures. ATI is proud to be a current technology provider for banks with combined assets of over $30 billion, with clients relying on ATI’s services for over a decade. ATI offers the Nutanix product line as a VAR (Value Added Resellers) and as a Managed Service Provider to increase operational efficiency, improve scalability, and reduce downtime, greatly lowering a bank’s operational costs and risks.
  • Bare metal support. In addition to running any type of virtualized workload on Nutanix, businesses can strip away the virtual machines, when there can’t be the slightest risk of latency or delay, to run high consumption applications using large containers or bare metal servers using Nutanix systems.
  • Simplicity. In addition to providing a resilient and scalable system, Nutanix offers an easy to use interface with an eye on consumer design. IT administrators can set up systems within a few hours and perform upgrades to the system with a few clicks of a mouse—all while maintaining multiple redundancies to reduce system failures and increasing safety.
  • Mobility. Businesses often require some workloads to remain in the public cloud while others run in a data center, requiring portability and flexibility in an online architecture. Nutanix allows a single solution to control workloads on-premise and in the cloud, including the ability to move workloads hosted in the data center to the public cloud and vice versa.

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