Types of Cross Connections Available in Our Data Centers

Technology Pieces Coming Together A hybrid IT environment not only allows for rapid growth and broadening customer options, but it also diversifies your platform for added strength and stability. Cross connects allow access to an infinite number of clouds, networks, and service providers in all types of industries through secure and consistent channels. No matter what your cross-connection requirements are, we are confident we can meet and even exceed your expectations.

Cross Connections Offer a Wide Range of Benefits to Your Business

ATI Solutions offers hardware and software for all common media types, supporting an endless combination of customer connection requirements. Customers can easily establish connections from their colocation cabinets and cages to their preferred providers in our Meet Me Room. The MMR has standardized ports and connections for copper, fiber, coax, etc.—allowing fast implementation and revision of your chosen options.

Our cross-connects open up a wide range of options and improvements, including:

  • Choice of carriers. Our carrier neutral data centers allow you to change carriers if necessary or implement multiple internet connections that link you directly to your carrier networks.
  • Performance. Cross connects utilize private point-to-point connections within a data center, allowing you to improve performance and decrease latency. This is also beneficial in ensuring network-wide security.
  • Backup and recovery. Cross connects are invaluable when it comes to minimizing data loss and acts as an added resource in disaster recovery situations.
  • Convenience. The ability to connect to any carrier in our data center eliminates the need to find other network points, access additional hosting locations, or perform expensive and time-consuming network builds.
  • Budget. As online hosting and optimization costs can account for half of a business’s operating expenses each year, owners must look for innovative ways to serve customers while staying cost-efficient. Cross connects make the process of selecting and adopting new carrier options quick and easy. This, in turn, saves money while making the network more efficient.

The information specialists can guide you through the cross-connect process, explain what packages can be purchased, and review where and how these cross connects can maximize your business’s efficiency. Contact us to get more information about how our data centers can serve the needs of your small- to medium-sized business.