Our IT Services Cover a Wide Variety of Business Needs

IT Services Provided at ATI SolutionsBusinesses can only grow by using smart and scalable IT solutions and protecting the assets they have while implementing solutions to make their platforms more efficient. At ATI, we can strike the right balance to maximize your customer base without the need for more resources.

Services We Provide for Local and Global Businesses

ATI Solutions has provided managed IT services for a variety of small- to medium-sized businesses, giving owners and managers the freedom to focus on their goals while we implement new and trusted solutions. As a colocation center, ISP, and WAN provider, ATO protects your servers and hardware while providing a stable and scalable platform for your customers.

ATI’s facilities are perfect for banks, insurance companies, small businesses, and any other enterprise that requires:

  • Hosting. Our data centers save the expense of physical hosting and maintenance, as well as offering redundant power and cooling, multiple-carrier connectivity, and industry-standard security measures in our two DC-area locations.
  • Cloud services. We provide private and hybrid cloud networks to serve your internal and customer needs, as well as SaaS and IaaS for companies who prefer a fully-managed virtual platform.
  • Automation. We understand the need to automate certain repeatable or tedious processes, and install fail-safes and oversight to ensure that these rote processes are functioning properly.
  • Security. Our systems are designed to provide high levels of physical and virtual security, thus protecting against cyberattacks and data theft. We also provide an alternate workspace and multiple backups for our DRaaS clients, ensuring that business-critical operations continue even in the event of a disaster.
  • Customization. IT needs can vary widely across industries, and adopting a “one size fits all” policy can cost owners dearly both up front and down the road. ATI’s technicians can work within your budget and specific business requirements to develop a platform management solution that works for you—and if your needs change, our technicians can scale nearly every service in your customized plan.
  • Constant updates. ATI has a dedicated patch management team to address potential vulnerabilities in your systems, installing code and implementing security updates before weaknesses are exploited. A strong patch management program will not only prevent downtime, but perform regular systems audits to identify problems and determine which patches should be installed.
  • Reliable intervention. When an adverse event occurs, owners need an IT provider who can perform immediate interventions to ensure the seamless transfer of services to an alternate platform. Our managed services allow ATI’s technicians to act as your professional IT department, keeping you in business before and after an interruption.

Whether you need basic IT services or a full range of hosting and deployment solutions, the professionals at ATI Solutions can evaluate your needs and help you determine which storage and service options are right for you. Contact us today to get more information about how our data centers can serve your needs or set up an appointment to tour our Chantilly facility.