Our Business Is Compliant With Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Reports

Clicking on an Service Organization Control (SOC) ReportJust as many businesses outsource server hosting to data centers, they may also outsource certain IT tasks—or even their entire IT operations—to third-party service providers. In order to ensure data services are as secure as possible, service providers are expected to comply with the provisions of Service Organization Control (SOC) reports, particularly SOC 2 reports. ATI provides secure SOC 2 approved services for a wide variety of our clients, including those who rely on our services for secure financial transactions.

Benefits of Entrusting Us With Your SOC 2 Hosting

The principles of SOC 2 compliance are based on the Trust Services Criteria, requiring security across policies, communications, procedures, and monitoring. While SOC 2 compliance is not a requirement for SaaS and cloud computing vendors, its role in securing your data cannot be overstated. We perform independent Type II SOC 2 audits on a regular basis, providing auditor validation that the controls we use are functional and adequate to protect your data.

Our SOC 2 hosting procedures apply to the following services:

  • Data Center and Colocation. Our data centers rely on a number of methods of physical and logical protection to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of information. We provide a detailed description of the physical characteristics of our facilities (including square footage, cooling systems, and surveillance methods) in addition to reporting on controls relevant to the system security.
  • Business Continuity. ATI provides business continuity and disaster recovery services. Under this service, ATI provides office space as well as a platform for customers to relocate personnel in the event of a disaster or emergency. ATI also provides network infrastructure for customers to use ATI’s shared platform. These services include: virtual platform providing CPU and memory for servers, internet, telecommunication, WAN.
  • Managed Services. Our practices are compliant with SOC 2 requirements for the collection, transmission, storage, organization, and disposal of client information. We have redundant measures in place to protect all fundamental business operations for our clients, including interdepartmental email, billing, payroll, human resource management, customer relations, and financial operations. For IaaS, our audits ensure that all systems and information are operationally available for use as committed or agreed upon in the SLA, and can provide historical data regarding the availability of computing resources and operational controls relevant to the availability of the system. This service is designed for customers to take advantage of a fully managed virtual platform where the customer does not have to invest in the virtual environment.
  • IT Consulting. We know that the strength of your IT systems are not just important to your customers, but also to your investors and shareholders. Our SOC 2 reports can provide proof that we are fulfilling our SLA obligations, and can reassure your board and regulators that the proper controls around security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy are in place.

ATI combines best practices and compliance with industry standards in our SOC 2 hosting, allowing clients and customers to enjoy secure access to protected information. Contact us today to get more information about the storage and service options in our D.C. data centers, or set up an appointment to tour our Chantilly facility.