How Our Carrier-Neutral Data Centers Can Improve Your Business Operations

Large Carrier-Neutral Data CenterCarrier-neutrality is essential for businesses who are looking to house their online operations in a data center. In addition to market competition and the ability to choose a provider with the lowest price and best options, a carrier-neutral facility can be invaluable in protecting your network, reducing operation costs, and growing your brand and reputation for years to come.

The Many Benefits of Choosing ATI’s Carrier-Neutral Data Centers

A carrier-neutral data center, or carrier hotel, is a facility that is not tied to a single provider and instead has established connections and equipment from many tier 1 providers. This is crucial to ensuring cost-effective hosting, as it is needed in order to set up redundant connections and maintaining services during an interruption.

In our Maryland and Virginia data centers, our customers can reap the many benefits of carrier-neutrality, including:

  • Internet exchange connectivity. A carrier-neutral data center may host internet exchanges that allow service providers, carrier networks, and applications to peer with one another. Interconnectivity between providers allows for the continuous backup and transfer of files to protect against data loss, as well as lowering latency to keep daily network operations moving smoothly.
  • Carrier diversity. In a carrier-neutral facility, there are many providers to choose from, unlike most data centers who have contracts with one specific one.
  • Redundancy options. Customers have the ability to choose which carriers are assigned to their critical systems, as well as how they want their configurations for redundancy set up in case of cyberattacks, service interruptions, or data loss events.
  • Scalability. Offering a variety of service providers adds scalability, allowing customers the ability to adapt quickly to changes in demand. If you have experienced rapid growth and require additional redundant connections, an increase in bandwidth, or even if a current carrier is not providing the optimal scalability you require, you can quickly select from a pool of competitors to find a provider who can meet your standards and requirements.
  • Stability. A carrier’s services could be impacted by changes in management, technology, or regulations. When this happens in a single-carrier facility, customers may face data loss or service interruptions, or be forced to adapt to higher prices and poor quality of service. At ATI, you can easily choose and change services from a wide pool of carriers without completely moving operations to a different location.
  • Future savings. Moving data centers to change carriers can be extremely expensive, especially if the move is unforeseen and unplanned since this drastically cuts your chances of finding affordable options. In our facilities, changing carriers can be done quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks. Additionally, because it is a carrier hotel, there is bidding amongst the providers, which means you end up getting much more cost-effective offers.

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Whether you are moving your operations to a colocation center for the first time or are making the switch from another facility, the professionals at ATI can evaluate your needs and help you determine which storage and service options are right for you. Contact us today to get more information about how our data centers can serve your needs or set up an appointment to tour our Chantilly facility.