Data Protection and Security Options in Our Colocation Centers

Data Protection Services Provided by ATIIt is vital that business owners find the right location for the physical and virtual components of their businesses. The technicians and engineers at ATI Solutions understand how important it is to maintain a constant online presence for your customers and staff, and we take steps to decrease, if not eliminate, the risks of attacks and tampering in our secure data centers.

Our Physical and Virtual Data Protection Services

ATI offers a lit facility with multiple tier-1 carriers, physical security systems and monitoring, and high-availability to ensure the stability of your virtual platform. In our two DC-area collation centers, we host the hardware and software necessary for your core business processes, and can scale operations up or down as your company’s needs change.

Our data centers are equipped with multiple protection methods, including:

  • Power. Our data centers offer underground-networked dedicated utility feed with a 2-megawatt dedicated transformer, redundant diesel generators, redundant UPS systems, redundant power distribution units (PDUs), and redundant battery cabinets to protect against extended downtime. Power redundancy is 2N at our Chantilly location and N+1 in our Rockville location.
  • Security monitoring. Physical access to your servers and hardware is highly restricted to avoid any compromise to your systems. We employ industry-standard privacy measures, including security surveillance (24 hours a day, seven days a week), CCTV with 365-day retention, and multi-factor access control system with biometrics, security PINs, and user-specific access card readers.
  • Failover. We configure our servers to switch mission-critical operations to a secure alternative server in the event of interruption, allowing your operations to continue without end-user disruption.
  • Cooling. Our facilities offer a multi-stack chiller plant, redundant cooling units with built-in CRAHs, and hot aisle containment for high-density accommodation. Clients can enjoy peace of mind with 2N redundancy for cooling in our Chantilly location and N+1 cooling in our Rockville location.
  • Fire damage prevention. We provide multi-zone configuration and have installed smoke and heat detection systems in floors and subfloors for maximum heat & fire protection to prevent heat-related damage and loss from fire.
  • Backup systems. We store backups and secondary backups in both local and remote data centers for an extra layer of protection, data replication of critical systems at our second data center, and redundant high-capacity bandwidth for seamless data duplication between data centers. We also offer automated snapshots with open-ended retention periods for quick restoration of your network and data.
  • Disaster recovery. Clients may wish to take advantage of our disaster recovery services to ensure that operations continue after a major interruption or event. These services include access to our Continuity of Operations (COOP) center, a furnished and fully cabled facility with workspace for up to 50 employees. Clients are provided with GB LAN, both physical and virtualized servers, voice and data connection, and the capability to utilize all personal computers and virtual desktops for rapid response.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). With IaaS, our engineers and IT personnel can offer another level of data protection. ATI can perform the full range of your critical IT services, including security testing, immediate intervention, continuity measures, high priority updates, and preventive services.

At ATI, our staff of professionals can evaluate your needs and help you determine which storage and service options are right for you. Contact us today to get more information about how our data centers can serve your needs or set up an appointment to tour our Chantilly facility.