Our DC Cloud Computing Services Options Are Designed Specifically for Your Needs

Cloud Computing Hosting and How it Can Help YouCloud computing is now the industry standard for businesses who want reliable and secure access to infrastructure, software, and resources. Our hosting services allow businesses of all sizes to take on their desired level of cloud deployment and offload any IT responsibilities to us, creating the perfect virtual environment for their needs.

Our Cloud Computing Hosting and Infrastructure Services

Your business’s infrastructure needs can change quickly, and you need a provider who can handle the scale of your operations in a way that makes sense for you. ATI Solutions provides a variety of scalable platforms to power mission-critical workloads, giving our clients the same operational foundations as a Fortune 100 company at a fraction of the cost.

Our DC-area data service professionals can develop a customized hosting plan using one of our three infrastructure options:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Our popular IaaS option offers a fully-managed platform for a monthly, low-cost, usage-based subscription fee. For a monthly subscription fee, customers have the complete benefit of storage, memory, security, data recovery, and IT services without outrageously investing in their virtual environment. The service provides 24/7 availability to your business’ network and virtual infrastructure, as well as addresses any disaster recovery needs thanks to our redundant setups. IaaS components include industry-proven hypervisors, automated snapshots, and redundant storage and network systems which are identical (with high-speed data replication, retention, and archiving) at multiple data centers. Thanks to our Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA), we offer customers the option to pay a subscription fee for software licensing that is in their best financial interests. A customer’s licensing applications and services are maintained, while allowing on-demand scalability so the business can react better to rates of growth.
  • Hybrid Systems. Our hybrid infrastructures offer a combination of in-house hardware and hosted software processes, offering all the benefits of the cloud while keeping your servers onsite. Customers choose which services are hosted by ATI and which will remain on the business’s own equipment. Hybrid operations allow businesses to leverage cloud resources (such as backups, mobile network access, and data recovery) while maintaining privacy and security by keeping sensitive information onsite.
  • Private Services. Private services allow customers to retain full control and command of their data storage and servers, while ATI manages the private cloud used to manage the secure network. The customer owns and operates the hardware at a site of his choosing, and we provide and maintain the cloud platform using those dedicated resources. If you want a front-end interface that is accessible to your users and potential clients while keeping your sensitive resources private, ATI can securely connect your servers to the cloud and create a seamless private network.

Providing Cloud Computing Options to Washington D.C., Virginia and More

ATI’s world-class services and proactive support will help and allow your business to operate at its peak efficiency. The technology solutions we use and offer are tried-and-true for optimal web-scale and hyper-convergence. Contact us today/contact.cfm to get more information about how our data centers can serve your needs or set up an appointment to tour our Chantilly facility.