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IT Service ProviderATI Solutions, Inc., is an information technology service provider incorporated in 1997 in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The company has extensive experience working with and integrating diverse platforms across multiple industries. Our paramount mission is to help our clients with the design, build, and maintenance of their IT solutions in support of their strategic business objectives. By providing needs analysis, system design, system implementation, and support services, ATI is able to support your organization with appropriate technologies in a cost-effective manner.

The Tech Support You Need

Events such as the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and natural disasters have heightened corporate awareness of the need for information security under crisis situations. Business continuity may depend on high-availability computing, disaster recovery, and colocation services with the option for workspace for staff. ATI has shifted its service portfolio to match this evolving business environment.

The Technological Services We Offer

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When you partner with ATI, you can rest assured that your organization will receive expert management and services delivered by our highly trained staff and partners. Our knowledge of mission-critical environments will help to ensure that your information systems are continually operating at their peak. Contact us now to learn more.