professional_servicesATI’s staff is well mixed with various competency and skill set to provide most of its customer based needs. We couple our core competency with adding the expertise of subject matter specialist through our partner relationship in order to provide high end solution in cost effective manner.

While preserving customer privacy and competitive pricing, we offer the following services:

  • Consulting
  • Program Management
  • System Integration
  • Administration and Support
  • Helpdesk and dispatching
  • Emergency and Adhoc services


Through years of experience in the Information Technology arena we have over 100 years of experience among key individuals in the company. With industry changes and well adverse mix of backgrounds and on the job experience we provide recommendations and direction. This service is essential for small to mid-size companies whom having your own CTO may not be cost effective for your company; ATI can fulfill this critical role. For those organizations that have their own CTO we become consultants for specific areas of technology such as banking and finance. Our service includes but not limited as follow:

  • Selecting in house or outsource approach for services needed
  • Analytical and selecting technology
  • Create road map and budgeting
  • Assist IT department on the board presentation and or compliance related activities

Program Management
ATI’s Project Management Office (PMO) assumes all related responsibilities to provide end to end coordination for managing IT related projects. Our service includes but not limited as follow:

  • Creating milestone and breaking project to phases
  • Map out all prerequisite and dependencies
  • Map put time line
  • Coordination with internal IT staff , 3rd parties involved and customer
  • Create testing criteria and ensure customer’s sign off for various functionality test
  • Oversee production delivery and post production support

System Integration
ATI uses industry best practices to provide end to end system integration. ATI is known for its competency when it comes to integration for financial sectors. We have been providing secure and reliable systems to the banking and finance markets for over 16 years.

Administration and Support
Our staff is capable of augmenting our customer’s MIS department and performing system administrator level work. This type of service is categorized as break/fix for the normal occurrences that happen on any network.

Helpdesk and Dispatching
ATI’s staffed helpdesk personnel are the first line of support for clients to call or email with an issue. A ticket is generated and a ticket number is assigned for reference. Work done is captured and documented on the ticketing system with hours worked for resolution including the permanent fix. The system can be used as a knowledge base for recurring issues on various issues allowing our staff for a faster time to resolution in order to reduce down time. If need be the ticket can be escalated to next tier and various priority level can be assigned to the ticket generated.

Emergency and Adhoc Services
Your business depends on complex systems, comprising of hardware, software, service providers and internal staff. Our goal is to help you maintain productivity with as little interruption as possible.
We can provide emergency services by:

  • Utilizing our internal core engineering services, coupled with our strategic partners
  • Hardware inventory in our facilities (servers, switches, routers, etc.)
  • Services through our colocation sites
  • Services through our business continuity sites
  • Services through our managed services


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