ATI offers a wide range of Managed Services tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. We will assume day to day responsibility for managing these services. By offering these services, we allow your company to maintain productivity while the tedium of day to day activities are being managed by our team.

Our goal at ATI is to provide your business with a stress-free experience. ATI is responsible for acquiring and maintaining hardware, software and providing technical services necessary to maintain your systems. We provide your company with the experience and expertise to manage its assets with ease, allowing you to focus on the issues that will help your business continue to grow.

Services provided are:


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This service is designed for customers to take advantage of a fully managed virtual platform where the customer does not have to invest in the virtual environment.  By eliminating capital investment and cost of ownership, the customer will have predictable cost for the usage of Storage, CPU, memory and hypervisor of choice in a pay-by-use basis.

The system is designed to provide high availability in one location to a fully redundant system from multiple locations addressing Disaster Recovery needs. The high-level components of the system are as follows:

  1. Redundant storage, compute and network system at multiple data Centers
  2. Industry proven hypervisors
  3. Automated snapshots for quick recovery on VM level kept for multiple days
  4. Identical redundant systems (storage and compute) at the second data Center
  5. Redundant high capacity bandwidth for data Replication between Data Centers
  6. Secondary backups in local and remote Data Centers for retention and archiving

Customers utilizing the above system have the choice of using Microsoft’s Service Provider license Agreement (SPLA), where the customer pays per user for the number of licenses used per month.  The following are the benefits of subscribing to SPLA licensing:

  1. Fixed predictable cost per user
  2. Eliminated capital expense with software assurance
  3. Reduced cost if the number of users reduced
  4. Ability to upgrade to new versions without incurring any additional cost for software
  5. Ease of license management protects customer from potential legal encounters with Microsoft

Software as a Service (SaaS)

This service is geared for those who like to take advantage of cloud computing and not only use storage but enjoy the same principal with the virtualization platform. In this case, the customer does not have to invest in the virtual environment. Customer’s capital investment is reduced drastically; since the usage of CPU and memory will be as such that they will pay only as necessary.

Under this platform, ATI offers Microsoft’s Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) making it easy to maintain license count and becomes pay as you go without considering the cost of upgrades licensing that is very frequent in Microsoft’s world.

Patch Management

US –CERT provides a helpful analogy to explain what security updates or patches are. “Similar to the way fabric patches are used to repair holes in clothing, software patches repair holes in the software program, Patches are updates that fix a particular problem or vulnerability within a program,” US-CERT explains on its Cyber Security Tip Page.

ATI provides patch management services for Microsoft servers and workstations. The patching will cover all Microsoft release recommended as well as 3rd party software programs.

The patch program includes a monthly report to the customer illustrating the state of their environment patch or not patched. These reports are essential for many organizations with compliance requirement. This service also enables ATI to deploy emergency patches, as a result, new outbreaks in a timely fashion reducing risks associated with the treat.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

This service is deployed through a tier one service provider using Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology. Organizations with multi locations are the perfect candidate for this service, where they get the benefit of:

  • Large bandwidth availability
  • Scalable and ready to use on demand
  • Redundant and secure
  • Leveraging volume to reduce the cost
  • Fast deployment of adding nodes to the network
  • Take advantage of the highest level of Quality of Services (QOS) enabling better deployment of using data lines for VOIP systems.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

As an ISP,  ATI provides single-homed and multi-homed internet bandwidth to its customer base at either data center. Each data center is flexible with providing up to class C, IP range.

Our Internet service providers enter our facilities through diverse routes reducing the potential outage.

Our partnership with industry leaders will provide ongoing and /or emergency coverage for DDoS mitigation.

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