solutionsOne size does not fit all. ATI designs, builds and/or maintains scalable solutions using technologies that best meet your specific objectives. ATI is vendor neutral when it comes to products, and services while focusing on your business needs but will share with you, their experiences of how certain products integrate and/or impact your design and build. This ensures that ATI’s solutions completely meet your business requirements without “wedging” unnecessary products into your individual solution. We will work with you to create a technical solution within your company’s budget. ATI has strategic relationships with key equipment and service suppliers. These relationships allow us to choose from a large portfolio of complementary products and services to bring the most powerful and cost effective solutions to you.

ATI believes that the unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses can best be met by a system integrator who has the flexibility to custom create solutions to meet our clients’ needs using a network of specialized partners. ATI gives you more interconnection options, quicker time to market, a secure reliable environment, and a faster return on your investment. We have the depth and experience to respond to your unique challenges and opportunities.

Our commitment to quality is augmented by our experienced and knowledgeable staff who will work on understanding your business and will design and build an appropriate dedicated solution aimed at your success.

What makes our solutions better?

  • Product bundling. Product bundles are available to decrease procurement time and reduce the total cost of ownership.
  • À la carte services. We offer just the services you need when you need them.
  • Competitive pricing. We leverage the volume of our services across our entire client base to provide competitive pricing.
  • One-stop shopping. ATI offers a range of solutions from a number of vendors plus a broad array of custom services for all your IT needs.

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