Why Choose ATI Solutions for Community Banks?

Industry Expertise and Experience With Community Banks

  • ATI’s 20+ years of experience serving community banks has proven our knowledge is unmatched in the market.
  • Having provided IT solutions for many denovo banks, ATI knows and anticipates the bank needs for rapid growth with limited resources.
  • ATI delivers reliable, scalable and cost-effective solutions so that our clients can focus on banking.
  • Our staff understands the IT needs for bank’s core and ancillary solutions and we have long-term relationships with the top three Core providers; Fiserv, FIS and Jack Henry. Fiserv has dedicated MPLS circuits to both ATI data centers.
  • ATI understands the bank’s IT needs for various solutions such as LaserPro, Teller, Platform and other banking solutions.
  • ATI completes the AICPA’s annual Service Organization Control Report (SOC 2 Type II) to fulfill our client’s vendor management requirements; we understand the bank’s critical IT regulatory needs.
  • ATI proposes solutions that allow clients to save money and reduce operational risk.
  • ATI currently support banks with combined assets of $50+ billion.
  • We are a demonstrated market leader partnering with CEO’s opening denovo banks having helped 18 meet their technical regulatory requirements.

Demonstrated Customer Service Quality and Support

  • ATI’s community banking references are superior and a testament to our service quality and support.
  • The average client has been with ATI for 17 years.
  • ATI employees have an average of 16 years with the company and/or financial industry.
  • Our company added the first operational DR backup site in the Washington DC metro area based upon client/industry needs.
  • We are proactive and continually evaluate and update processes, education, and client communications to address the root cause of client issues.
  • We propose standardized solutions which result in higher end-user satisfaction and productivity; thin client desktops/laptops.

Vendor Strength and Stability

  • Founded in 1997 with focus serving community banks.
  • In 2015, ATI invested $10+ million for technology refresh and data center build.
  • Use of Nutanix hyper converged solution that delivers enterprise-class storage, compute, and virtualization services to any application.
  • ATI’s solution minimizes upfront and ongoing capital expenditures to keep up with rapid technology changes thus reducing overall cost of ownership.
  • Eliminates need to build out facilities to support data center requirements.

Financial Considerations

  • Flexibility to evaluate options for the bank’s amortization and repayment of upfront fees.
  • Benefit of ATI’s “pay as you go” model for licensing, firmware, and recurring maintenance/patching eliminates ongoing one-time costs of software and assurances; some of
  • Fixed cost per users per month provides predictable cost that makes CFO’s lives easy
  • Reduces bank management’s oversight and expenses for audits and examines by consolidating vendors and leveraging ATI’s annual SOC2 Type II Report.
  • As part of vendor management, our client’s internal auditors and examiners review our financials annually. ATI has had a positive cash flow since its’ founding in 1997.