ATI Solutions Proudly Supports HACAN in Strengthening Families and Communities

Hispanics Against Child Abuse & NeglectAs part of its ongoing commitment to community welfare and empowerment, ATI Solutions is pleased to support and contribute to Hispanic Against Child Abuse & Neglect (HACAN), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for and supporting at-risk immigrant families in Northern Virginia.

HACAN, founded on the principle of "Strong Families, Strong Communities," operates as an educational and advocacy nonprofit with a 503(c) status. Its mission is centered around strengthening immigrant families through parent education and out-of-school activities designed to serve and support at-risk youth.

In alignment with its values, HACAN employs culturally competent education, intervention, and community advocacy to achieve its objectives. By providing resources and support, HACAN aims to empower youth, prevent child abuse and neglect, and ultimately foster stronger, more resilient families.

We are honored to contribute to HACAN's annual gala on November 18th, furthering the organization's impactful work. Through this collaboration, ATI Solutions affirms its dedication to improving and empowering communities as a whole.

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