Masood Jalaie

Masood Jalaie

Masood Jalaie

President & Co-Founder
  • ATI Solutions, Inc.
  • (855) 658-8600

Masood Jalaie is the president and co-founder of ATI solutions Inc., a full service Information technology solution provider.

Masood Jalaie left his home in Iran after high school to travel to the United States of America to start a new life in pursuit of the American Dream. Unknowing to him, he left Iran right before the Iranian Revolution in 1978.

Masood received his Bachelors in Computer Science and Math from the University of Illinois Circle Campus. He joined a company based out of San Jose California, in the Silicon Valley, where he was hired to develop a networking division.

His expertise in Information Technology Services enabled him to provide high quality services to his clients in a very cost efficient manner. He has always prided himself on treating his clients like family, which helped to develop long lasting relationships yielding great customer satisfaction. Masood and his partner Arde Farid, Co-founder and Vice President of ATI Solutions Inc., have been involved with over 100 community banks; 15+ of them from their inception. Together they are presently handling the relationships of a collective asset size of over $30 Billion for +20 years now.


  • More than 30 Years in the Information Technology Field
  • Masood worked on many different big projects through those years, some of which being: Projects for the United States Navy Yard, Pentagon, FAA, North Carolina Airport, Tampa County, and assorted projects in Silicon Valley.