Masood Jalaie

Masood Jalaie

Masood Jalaie

President & Co-Founder
  • ATI Solutions, Inc.

Masood Jalaie is the president and co-founder of ATI solutions Inc., a full service Information technology solution provider.

Masood Jalaie left his home in Iran after high school to travel to the United States of America to start a new life in pursuit of his American Dream. Unknowing to him, he left Iran right before the Iranian Revolution in 1978. This meant that he would lose almost all connections to his family, friends and expected sources of income to support his life in the United States of America. This event was the one that shaped Masood Jalaie into the hardworking individual he is today. He had to work four jobs in order to support himself while learning Computer Science Skills from his brother when he could, who happened to have moved years early in the pursuit of his own dream in the Information Technology world, just so that he could one day attend a University so that he could push himself to the next ring on the ladder of achievements that he had been driven to ascertain. 

Masood received his Bachelor of Science in Math and Computer from University of Illinois Circle Camps, which caused him to only become hungrier for success. He joined a company based out of San Jose California, in the Silicon Valley, where they hired him to develop a networking division. Soon after, due to his careful planning and excellent execution of his plans, he accomplished just that. He worked on many projects at his company before he decided to move to Virginia to start working at Automation Research System (ARS).  Masood had various positions at ARS where he used his expertise in Networking to help the company build and grow.

His expertise in Information Technology services combined with his driven nature and his almost astonishing planning and execution abilities enabled him to provide high quality services to his clients in a very cost efficient manner. He always prided himself on treating his clients like his family. In a family, you are not just another number out of the pool of clients. You are a special client, nay, a family member with specific characteristics that require customized solutions for your very specific needs. Masood has always chosen to work with people like this. Masood has always treated people they are family, whether the person he is working with is a vendor, partner, client, coworker, or employee. This thusly, accrued into the twenty plus years of great customer satisfaction that he provided at his own Company, ATI Solutions, Inc. a full-service IT company that provides turnkey solutions for local and national, small to medium-sized businesses.

Masood has been the key figure in ATI and this has never been by choice. His leadership and continuous support of his coworkers and employees has always pushed them to grow and become better at managing the Information Technology affairs of ATI’s clients in one of the most highly regulated industries (Banking) in the country. With his leadership his employees always have counted on him to provide the solution when no one else can seem to find one. Masood and his partner Arde Farid, Co-founder and Vice-President of ATI Solutions Inc., have been involved with over 100 community banks; 15 of them from their inception. Together they are presently handling the relationships of a collective asset size of over 30 Billion for 20 plus years now, a feat that is far from easy in this highly competitive industry of Information Technology Solutions.


  • More than 30 Years in the Information Technology Field
  • Masood Worked on many different big projects through those years, some of which being:
    • Project for Navy Yard
    • Project for Pentagon
    • Project for FAA
    • Project for Fortunes 500
    • Project for North Carolina Airport
    • Project for HUD for Several states
    • Multiple Projects for Silicon Valley
    • Multiple Projects for Tampa County
    • Developing Financial systems with EDS

Educational Background:

  • Northern Telecom ISDN Certification
  • Motorola wireless Certification
  • Multiple MIPS Training Certification
  • Multiple Cisco Training Certification
  • Multiple Banyan Vines Training Certification
  • Multiple Novell Training Certification
  • Multiple Microsoft Training Certification
  • Bachelor of Science in Math and Computer from University of Illinois Circle Camps

Masood’s Road Map:

  • Listen to people’s needs
  • Ask questions to better understand the person he is talking to
  • Plan ahead for multitudes of different scenarios that may come to be a reality
  • Delegate tasks to best accomplish goals in the most efficient manner
  • Work diligently to make sure that he accomplishes his goals
  • Promote growth and love in his fellow man and woman
  • Act serious when you have to, but have fun when you can
  • Constantly surround yourself with people that are smart and will help you grow
  • Always treat others how you would like to be treated yourself
  • Enjoy what you have, remember how you got it, and never forget the people who helped you get there
  • Most importantly though, he always emphasizes the importance of life and having one too because in the end, what else are we doing this all for