Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Chief Technology Officer
  • ATI Solutions, Inc.
  • (855) 658-8600

Jason Smith is the Chief Technology Officer at ATI Solutions Inc., a full-service Information technology solution provider.

Jason Smith was born and raised in Springfield, VA where he developed a passion for technology from a young age. He exhibited an innate curiosity for how things worked and was often found dismantling and reassembling various gadgets to understand their inner workings. This early fascination with technology set the stage for his future career.

Jason pursued his higher education at Virginia Tech, renowned for its engineering programs. In 2002 He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, where he honed his technical and business skills and laid the foundation for his career in the technology services industry.

Jason began his professional journey by joining ATI Solutions as a Systems Engineer. Here, he was exposed to cutting-edge technologies and gained invaluable experience working on innovative projects. His passion for solving complex problems and pushing the boundaries of technology quickly became evident, earning him recognition among his peers and superiors. 

Jason's career trajectory saw a significant boost when transitioned to Systems Architecture where he focused on customer engagement and solution design.  Here, he rapidly ascended the ranks, demonstrating exceptional leadership and technical prowess. His ability to envision future technological trends and translate them into practical solutions played a pivotal role in the company's success.

In 2011 Jason was appointed as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In this role, Jason oversees the company's technological roadmap, driving innovation and spearheading the development of groundbreaking products and services. His leadership has been instrumental in guiding the company through rapid technological advancements and evolving market dynamics. Under his guidance, the company has successfully launched several flagship products and services that our customers depend on every day.