Get Our Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS) Data Sheet

Get Our DRaaS Data Sheet

Disaster scenarios cover a broad spectrum, including natural events like earthquakes and hurricanes, as well as human-made incidents such as terrorist attacks and industrial accidents. In numerous industries, having a disaster recovery plan is mandatory to comply with relevant regulatory agencies and organizations. Even if not mandated in your field, having a disaster recovery plan is essential to ensure business continuity, minimize downtime, and prevent potential revenue loss in the face of such disasters.

Get Details On Our DRaaS Features

  • Redundant secured Physical locations with the same redundancies for critical  Data Center Operation 
  • Redundant and mirrored Infrastructure for Storage and compute
  • Redundant and mirrored network backbone 
  • Redundant Internet and telecommunication infrastructure 
  • Meeting regulatory requirements with SOC II Type II reporting.

Protect your business from unexpected disruptions. Download our data sheet to discover how our comprehensive disaster recovery solutions can minimize downtime and safeguard your revenue.

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